World Economic Forum (WEF) has released their report called Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index (TTCI). Generally, the index shown that Indonesia has been placed on rank 42 from 136 countries, based on 4 sub index : enabling environment, travel and tourism policy and enabling conditioning, infrastructure, and last, natural and culture resources. Indonesia gained score 4,16 of 7. The achievement is making Indonesia jump eight level from their last position. It is good but though, its not great. Indonesia is positioned under their three neighbors in South Asia region; Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Indonesia is known as the largest archiphelago country which 17.504 islands are connected by the strait and sea. This tropical country has unique culture and natural resources. World heritage sites, pristine beaches, unparalleled diving, rare wildlife, desert, and icy mountain, and also the diversity of language, culture, and food. This nation potentialy to be one of the world’s leading tourist destination.

Recently, the government has encouraged their self to build more infrastructure in many places. Airports and harbors which are made with international standard, trains access to the airport and in several places of South Sulawesi, a thousand miles of access road in Sumatera and Papua. Those program has been made to growth even more of economic and tourism in Indonesia. It set a target of 20 million foreign visitor by 2020, according to Minister of Tourism of Indonesian Republic. 

The infrastructure hasn’t built not only about an access of transportation issue, but also for entertainment purposes such as MotoGP circuit in Lombok Island. 

According to the Statistic Indonesia, there were 3 million visitors in Lombok through 2016. Lombok consist of group of islands. The biggest and main island called Lombok island, with other small islands scattered around it. There are hundred numbers of small islands around Lombok. The most popular group of island in the north called Gili Indah, where in the south an identical small islands spread alongside Sekotong which also beautiful. If you ever heard about Gili Kedis; it is one of small island in the south regency of Lombok that has a heart shape. No doubt, group islands of Lombok is dare to visit.

The mountain in Lombok called Rinjani. Mount Rinjani is the second-highest mountain in Indonesia. Stand gallantly in the north regency of Lombok island, Rinjani teased so many climbers. The height of this volcanic mountain in Indonesia is about 3726 meters, where in the lower and mid level area are quite heavily forested. Above the tree line the slopes are barren and rugged scree slopes and volcanic rock. The views of the crater lake are quite breath-taking from the caldera rim, as in the sunrise. The climbers could see Bali island to the west and Sumbawa island to the east while they reach the peak of the mountain.

Once, the king of Bali kingdom, Anak Agung Ngurah Karangasem couldn’t reach the peak of Mount Rinjani for pray to the god due his age obstacle. His worship to Ida Bharata is beyond the see and sky above. In the decision of true feeling to the god he built a replica of Mount Rinjani so he simply did pray in there. The replica remains standing as place of worship. With a beautiful views, trees, flowers and wellspring, the place known as Narmada Garden.